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Lost for nearly 50 years, this vintage kids' show is a hilarious time capsule into the past.

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This television treasure from the past is a hilarious, long-forgotten local TV kid's show that was recently discovered in an abandoned vault in Florida.

That’s got to be the FUNNIEST thing I’ve never heard of!
— Bob Leister, Entertainment Reporter, Chicago Sun Daily, 5/12/14

"Captain Bill's Fun, Fun, FUNSHIP... of Madness, Mayhem and Music" was a daily kids' show that aired in parts of the southeast from 1950 until the end of 1968.

All but forgotten for nearly 50 years, a large number of the show's original video tapes was recently discovered in an abandoned vault in Florida.  We are continuing to piece together vintage clips for your enjoyment (click "video clips" above) and hope to land full-length original episodes on a cable channel near you!

The half-hour show, hosted by the jaunty Captain Bill and a slew of offbeat puppets and characters, was every kid's "private yacht to daily fun and wild musical adventure!!!"  For the time, it was everything it was supposed to be.  Simple, fun and innocent.

When viewed today, however, this innocuous and squeaky-clean time capsule of a show comes across much differently for reasons you're about to see for yourselves!

So take a look around and enjoy the hilarious wrongness of it all!  Share what you like with your friends.  And make sure to "subscribe" to get special updates and to learn much more.

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Welcome aboard everyone!